The company

Working where law and IT intersect, we develop intelligent Blue Ocean solutions that boost
efficiency, increase output and reduce errors. And we make sure that lawyers can finally
focus on what is actually fun again.

The founder

Dr. Wolfgang Dannhorn

Management Board

The bridge between IT and judicial consulting is preprogrammed in the mind of
Dr. Wolfgang Dannhorn, so to speak: he wrote his first software programs as a school pupil before going on to study law. After eight years working as a lawyer and speciali-sing in employment law at a major firm, he become independent and launched his first independently programmed product in 2011: a tool designed to optimise the social criteria for redundancy.

Fascinated by the possibility of transforming judicial analyses, assessments of case law and legal approaches into algorithms in order to further improve the quality and pro-ductivity of top-class legal advice, he founded Cetonis in 2014. And he has been adding new chapters to this success story ever since by continuously developing judicial software.

The Team

Nadja Anhorn

Senior Strategy Advisor

Filiz Bayram


Lothar Hoss


Joachim Spalink


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