The principle is to channel everything the right way. Personalised consulting, special legal knowledge and tools that make personnel restructuring easier in a step-by-step process.

Weighing potential scenarios

With CetoControl, you can get an overview of your options and expenses.

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Negotiating a redundancy programme

Optimise the results of your negotiations with CetoMax.

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Creating a redundancy programme

We will handle negotiations of the redundancy programme.

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Legally compliant social criteria for redundancy

CetoCompare makes social criteria for redundancy precise and transparent.

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Support in dismissals

We will create a binding notice of mass dismissals for you.

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Automatic implementation

We put your decision on paper using CetoDeclare.

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Everything in black and white

Keep things simple. With CetoDeclare.

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Digitisation paves the way when the road gets tough. With our services, you can make the right decision more easily when things get difficult – namely, when it is critical for a company or institution. Our software-based solutions CetoControl, CetoDeclare, CetoMax and CetoCompare are tailored to your exact requirements.

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